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Offizielles PayPal-SiegelBOHOWO is dedicated to provide great craftmanship to people who love nature, musik, art, culure, meanings and all the things that make life worth living, with awesome carvings at a afordable price. The carvings are imported from skilled Atisians from around the world and I guarantee that all carvings are the result of a individual artistian process is. Items ship from Andernach, Germany and have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Hopefully the unique carvings spread some good vibes around the world.


 About the Symbolism of the Maori Carvings

There are many types of symbols, all based on traditional Maori Taonga. I have collected some interesting Maori legends for you to read up on to understand more about the belives and history of those People, I also included some explanations/translations on the Designs and the Language of the Maori so you know how to chose the right one for you. Hope you enjoy your stay here at BOHOWO.

 Kia ora koutou katao, 

Sven Wagner 


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